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IT and Media Services

For over 15 years I have been working in education and independent schools as a teacher, a counselor, an after-school/summer camp program director, technology coordinator, director of academic technology, and anti-racist active educator. My work included classroom teaching; administrative planning coordination and management; professional development planning and facilitation for faculty; parent education; and collaboration with local, regional and national colleagues. Currently I am continuing my work with education in a consulting capacity.

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Digigriot= digital griot.

I am a storyteller. I use digital media to weave narrative via photography, video, audio or some combination of these. My work is in theater, photography, filmmaking and multimedia narrative. I have not yet learned how best to tell some stories but I keep trying. I am looking for collaboration and tribe. My projects are fortified by my 15+ years of experience as an anti-racist educator, diversity practitioner, educational technologist and IT specialist.

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Photo Sample: Chevrolet

 In November 2011 I had the pleasure of spending Thanksgiving with my grandparents in North Carolina. On the back of their property are some abandoned buildings and this Chevrolet. It has been sitting exposed to the elements for over 30 years according to my grandfather.

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Photo Sample: Yellow

Before I began taking classes at Washington School of Photography my love of photography often took the form of what I called a photo safari. This was my artist date where I spent time with myself looking at the world and capturing beauty as I saw it. I am often struck by the beauty of what others might call “everyday things.” The first incarnation of this website was “keredding photography: noting the extraordinary in everyday” or something similar. This picture- the wind was blowing. Just because I understand the science behing the action does not mean I cannot still find it magical, :).

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